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What's the catch with supplements?

With all the health products, everyone is taking?
Why are we still so sick?

Welcome to the world of personalized nutrition...

Precise Healing with Nutrition.

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What if  you could measure your own health status?

What if you let your OWN precise body-chemistry tell you:

        • If you were developing heart disease, arthritis, diabetes, MS, Alzheimer's or
          any of the 223 degenerative diseases? before your own doctor could
        • How to stop dieting and know which foods you should eat or avoid to
          be your perfect weight
        • If you might be pre-cancerous? and what to do about it immediately
        • How to put an end to fatigue and have the most amount of energy from
          the least amount of food
        • Exactly which supplements you needed and did NOT need
        • How to see digitally, your best nutritional formula for living longest
        • How to look the picture of radiant health
        • How to immediately accelerate a slow metabolism
        • How to manage your blood pressure without medication

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You Must Stop Guessing Because
What You Don't Know IS Hurting You!

Now you can know & measure your health results.

The science of ?digitally measured targeted nutrition? not only restores the energy of youth, it rebuilds what you've lost over the years.

No matter how worn out your body feels now, soon it can feel brand new.

Over 50 years of experience in what is now known as, ?molecular medicine? puts you in the hands of the team who set the scientific gold standard for this specialized practice of nutrient replacement therapy. Each of our clients is backed by clinically proven science and, their results are cross-referenced with a database of over seven million other tests.

What your report determines is nothing less than the
exact state of your own critically essential nutritional
Building Blocks of health.

Through this digital measurement, we can precisely link any and all of your nutritional deficiencies, excesses, imbalances and retaining of toxins, to the way your body is currently malfunctioning.

Wouldn't it be worth it just to know that?

Our laboratories are federally supervised and medically approved. Guidance is available every step of the way and is the cornerstone of what makes Personalized Nutrition Consultants like no other health transformation company in the world.

We use precision nutrition to feed your body the way it was genetically, bio-chemically and metabolically designed to operate best.

This means:

You get
the most amount of energy
from the least amount of food.

This is a Better Way to Be Well.

We urge you to make the time today ? to take responsibility for what you put inside your body. Measure it. Only then can you rest assured you're doing your very best to look and feel great and to guard against killer diseases! No lie.

Knowing Your Numbers is a Better way to Be Well.


Personalized Nutrition Consultants are passionate about our mission to end the unnecessary plague of degenerative diseases in our ?modern? society.


Keep Track, Know for Sure? Get Tested

                                                                             To Your Perfect Health and Longevity,

?Health perfection is entirely possible when you go back to the fundamental building blocks of life.?

Dr. Greg Tefft, Founder
Personalized Nutrition Consultants
What's gotten into you?

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